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deHavilland C-7 Caribou
Official Designation C-7A Caribou
Unofficial Nicknames 'Bou, Gravel Truck
Primary Role Tactical airlift
National Origin Canada
Original Contractor deHavilland Canada
Wingspan 95 feet, 8 inches
Length 74 feet
Height at Tail 31 feet, 9 inches
Armament None
Engines Two Pratt & Whitney R2000-7M2 radials
Horsepower 1,450 shp each
Cruise Speed 121 mph
Max Speed 216 mph
Range 1,200 nm (could be extended by 1,000 nm with ferry tanks)
Service Ceiling 24,800 feet (limited to 10,000 feet by lack of oxygen equipment)
Operating Weight Unknown
Max Payload Unknown
Max Takeoff Weight 28,500 pounds (33,000 pounds for ferry operations)
Date Deployed 1961
Total Produced Unknown
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