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Delta Airlines is usually called Delta by many people. It is equally one of the most popular airlines in the United States. The airline is a legacy carrier and has its headquarters in Atlanta Georgia.

The airline has so many regional affiliates, and subsidiaries, one o which is Delta Connection. Also, the airline runs more than 5400 flights per day and it equally touches down in up to 325 destinations spread across 52 countries and 6 continents.

Delta Airlines is one of the founding members of the SkyTeam airline alliance.

Delta Airlines was founded on March 2nd, 1925, which makes it one of the earliest airlines in the United States. However, the airline did not start operation until June 17th, 1929. Its focus cities are Raleigh/Durham and Cincinnati.

As of December 2019, the airline has up to 907 aircraft in its fleet. It is on New York stock exchange and trades as Dow Jones, NYSE: DAL, S&P 500 Index component. The airline is the largest in the United States as regards the number of departures and passengers. It is also the second-largest of all the airlines in the world as regards the following:

  • Fleet size
  • Revenue
  • Passenger-kilometer flown
  • Number of Scheduled passengers carried

You can learn more about this airline by visiting Delta Airlines homepage,


Delta Airlines official website 

The website is the perfect place to find all the details you will ever need about Delta Airlines. It is on You can book a flight directly on the website instead of traveling to any brick and mortar booking office to buy flight tickets.

You can also book hotel lodging directly on the website. If you want to learn about the details of your past or future bookings with Delta Airlines, you can equally access the information on this website.

When booking a flight on the website, simply select both your origin and destination. Then select if it will be a roundtrip, one way or multicity booking. Next, select the date of departure and return. Do not forget to also select the number of passengers that will be traveling with you.

Baggage policy  

Each customer is allowed to bring two checked luggage during embargo periods. Customers can bring boxes on the flight from Central or South America.

The boxes must be factory-sealed. Passengers cannot bring excess luggage on a regional flight. The maximum baggage a passenger can bring on board depends on the region or country of departure.

Delta Airlines accepts on board items like sports equipment, perishables, musical instruments, imported merchandise, medical supplies & equipment, infant & children items, etc.


Check-in policy  

Check-in is possible via the following methods

  • Mobile check-in
  • Ticket counter check-in at the airport
  • Self-service kiosk check-in at the airport
  • Curbside check-in at the airport
  • Online check-in

You can also pay bag fees online, as well as, change your seat online. You should try to arrive at the airport some 2 hours before departure time for domestic flights and 3 hours before departure time for international flights.

You should also arrive at the boarding gate about 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time.