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Airbus A400M
Official Designation A400M
Primary Role Tactical airlift
National Origin European Union
Original Contractor Airbus Military Company
Wingspan 139 feet (42.4m)
Length 138 feet, 5 inches (42.2m)
Height at Tail 48 feet, 3 inches (14.7m)
Armament None
Engines Four high-speed turboprops (manufacturer not designated)
Horsepower 9,000 shp each
Cruise Speed 504 mph (811km/h; Mach 0.68)
Max Speed 534 mph (859km/h; Mach 0.72)
Range 3,550 nm with 20 tonnes; 4,900 nm ferry range
Service Ceiling 40,000 feet (12,192m)
Operating Weight 130,624 pounds (59,250kg)
Max Payload 81,571 pounds (37,000kg) or 120 troops
Max Takeoff Weight 286,600 pounds (130,000kg)
Basic Crew Three
Date Deployed In development
Total in Service None
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