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Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar
Official Designation C-119G Flying Boxcar
Unofficial Nicknames Crowd Killer, Dollar Nineteen
Primary Role Tactical airlift
Secondary Role Aerial gunship
National Origin USA
Original Contractor Fairchild Aircraft Corporation
Wingspan 109 feet, 4 inches
Length 86 feet, 6 inches
Height at Tail 26 feet, 6 inches
Armament See AC-119G
Engines Two Wright R-3350-85 radials
Horsepower 3,500 shp each
Cruise Speed 200 mph
Max Speed 290 mph
Range 2,280 miles
Service Ceiling 30,000 feet
Operating Weight Unknown
Max Payload 30,000 pounds or 67 troops
Max Takeoff Weight 74,000 pounds
Date Deployed 1947
Total Produced 480 aircraft
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