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Lockheed C-69 and C-121 Constellation
Official Designation C-121E Constellation
Unofficial Nicknames Connie, Blue Eagle, Humpback, Lockheed Flying Speedbrake, Swineicus Subsonicus, Columbine
Primary Role Military transport (long range)
Secondary Role Presidential transport
National Origin USA
Original Contractor Lockheed Corporation
Wingspan 123 feet
Length 116 feet, 2 inches
Height at Tail 24 feet, 9 inches
Armament None
Engines Four Wright R-3350-34 radials
Horsepower 3,400 shp each
Cruise Speed 255 mph
Max Speed 330 mph
Range 4,000 miles
Service Ceiling 33,600 feet
Operating Weight Unknown
Max Payload Unknown
Max Takeoff Weight 133,000 pounds
Date Deployed 1945
Total Produced Unknown
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