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Kawasaki C-1
Official Designation C-1A
Primary Role Tactical airlift
National Origin Japan
Original Contractor Kawasaki and Nihon Aeroplane Manufacturing Company
Operator Japan Air Self-Defence Force
Wingspan 100 feet, 5 inches (30.6m)
Length 95 feet, 2 inches (29m)
Height at Tail 32 feet, 9 inches (10m)
Armament None
Engines Two Mitsubishi-built Pratt & Whitney JT8D-M-9 turbofans
Thrust 14,500 pounds (64.50kN) per engine
Cruise Speed 438 mph (704km/h)
Max Speed 500 mph (806km/h)
Range 1,810 nm (3,353km)
Service Ceiling 38,000 feet (11,580m)
Operating Weight 53,571 pounds (24,300kg)
Max Payload 26,266 pounds (11,900kg)
Max Takeoff Weight 99,206 pounds (45,000kg)
Takeoff/Landing Distances Takeoff: 2,100 feet (640m) at 99,206 pounds (45,000kg);
Landing: 1,500 feet (457m) at 81,261 pounds (36,860kg)
Basic Crew Five
Date Deployed 1974
Total in Service 31 aircraft
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