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Gulfstream C-20 and C-37
Official Designation C-20H Gulfstream IV
Primary Role Staff transport
National Origin USA
Original Contractor Gulfstream American
Wingspan 77 feet, 10 inches (23.6m)
Length 88 feet, 4 inches (26.9m)
Height at Tail 24 feet, 6 inches (7.4m)
Armament None
Engines Two Rolls-Royce Tay Mark 611-8 turbofans
Thrust 13,850 pounds (61.61kN) per engine
Cruise Speed 522 mph (840km/h; Mach 0.70)
Max Speed 576 mph (929 km/h; Mach 0.85)
Range 4,220 nm (7,815km)
Service Ceiling 45,000 feet (13,715m)
Operating Weight 32,300 pounds (14,651kg)
Max Payload 12 passengers
Max Takeoff Weight 74,600 pounds (33,832kg)
Basic Crew Five
Date Deployed 1992
Total in Service Two aircraft
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