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Hughes HK-1 (H-4) 'Spruce Goose'
Official Designation HK-1 (H-4) Hercules Flying Boat
Unofficial Nicknames The Spruce Goose, Flying Lumberyard
Primary Role Military transport
National Origin USA
Original Contractor Hughes Aircraft Company
Wingspan 320 feet
Wing Area 11,430 square feet
Length 218 feet, 6 inches
Height at Tail 80 feet
Tailspan 113 feet, 6 inches
Height of Fuselage 30 feet, 6 inches
Width of Fuselage 24 feet, 5 inches
Volume of Cargo Hold 165,000 cubic feet
Armament None
Engines Eight Pratt & Whitney R-4360 Wasp Major radials (largest radial reciprocating engines ever built)
Horsepower 3,000 shp each
Propellers Eight four-bladed Hamilton Standards with a diameter of 17 feet, 2 inches (the four inboard propellers have reverse pitch capability)
Cruise Speed (est.) 175 mph
Max Speed (est.) 218 mph
Range (est.) 3,000 miles (flew one mile during first and only flight)
Service Ceiling (est.) 20,900 feet
Gross Weight 400,000 pounds
Max Payload 130,000 pounds
Total Cost $40 million
First Flight 2 November 1947
Total Produced One aircraft
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