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Lockheed P-3C Orion
Official Designation P-3C Orion
Primary Roles Antisubmarine warfare(ASW)/Antisurface warfare (ASUW)
National Origin USA
Original Contractor Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems Company
Operator United States Navy, United States Customs Service
Wingspan 99 feet, 6 inches (30.36m)
Length 116 feet, 7 inches (35.57m)
Height at Tail 33 feet, 7 inches (10.27m)
Armament 20,000 pounds (9 metric tons) of ordnance including: Harpoon (AGM-84D) cruise missile, SLAM (AGM-84E) missiles, Maverick (AGM 65) air-to-ground missiles, MK-46/50 torpedoes, rockets, mines, depth bombs, and special weapons
Engines Four Allison T-56-A-14 turboprops
Horsepower 4,900 shp each
Cruise Speed 403 mph (644km/h)
Max Speed 466 mph (745km/h)
Range 2,380 nm
Service Ceiling 28,300 feet (8,625m)
Operating Weight Unknown
Max Takeoff Weight 139,760 pounds (63,394kg)
Basic Crew 11
Date Deployed 1969
Total in Service Unknown
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